Leningrad Oblast develops Investment Climate – Check the Website www.map.lenoblinvest.ru

Leningrad Oblast develops investment climate

31543611I participated to the Investment Council Meeting of Leningrad Oblast from behalf of Association of European Businesses (AEB). The meeting was led by Governor Alexander Yurievits Drozdenko and all the highest officials as well as the members of the Council took part to this meeting. The meeting was very informative and all the recent achievements to improve the investment climate were discussed.

The most interesting and perhaps the most informative speech gave Vice-Governor Dmitry Anatolievits Yalov. He told, that one of the biggest obstacles for investments is lack of good land plots or industrial real estates. He continued telling about the concrete measures, how Leningrad Oblast administration is solving this problem. They have launched a website


The purpose is, that this web link gathers all the information about the available greenfield or brownfield land plots and industial real estate objects, which are suitable for investments and industrial activities. At the moment there are information about 239 different locations for the investors to place their production sites. You can register yourself to the site, surf on Leningrad Oblast map, pin-point interesting places and then with the drill-in –function you can get detailed information about the object. For the potential investors, I think, this is a remarkable attempt to find very much information from the one source. Check the website yourself!

AEB participates to the Investment Council of Leningrad Oblast as a permanent member and we are also invited to the Investment Council of St. Petersburg City. In this work AEB cooperates with the local administrations to improve the investment climate and to oversee the interests of the members of association. JOIN to AEB!

Timo Mikkonen

Chairman / AEB / Regional Committee of North-Western Russia

Managing Director / Vostok Consulting Oy