timomikkonenThe quality of the Management Consulting Services is based on the long work history, vast knowledge of Russia and its Culture, and reliable Partners

Work Experience since 1994 from the following internationally recognized Companies:

  • The biggest Recycling Company in Northern Europe KUUSAKOSKI
  • Telecommunication forerunner SONERA
  • Brewery giant Carlsberg
  • Paper, Pulp and Packaging METSÄ-SERLA
  • Wholesale and Retail Company PETERSPAR (Outer member of Spar -Chain)

Real professional in Russian Business

Managing Director, Timo Mikkonen, has worked since 1994 in many business operations at the internationally recognized companies in Russia. Due to long work history the following management and leadership sectors have become very familiar: Strategic and Operative Management planning and decision making in Russian rapidly changing environment

  • Management and Control of Supply Chain and Vendor Activities
  • Sales and Marketing Activities B-to-B
  • Business Administration and Financing Functions
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Management
  • Organization Development and Streamlining

Broad knowledge about Russian Cities or Regions

Many Cities and Regions of Russian Federation have become very familiar through either own work experiences or through managing the business filials or operations in those location:

  • St. Petersburg and Len Oblast
  • Moscow, Lobna
  • Vyborg, Petrosavodsk and Carelia
  • Murmansk and Kola area
  • Arhangelsk
  • Pskov
  • Smolensk
  • Nizny Novgorod
  • CIS -Countries / Belarus


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