Know your markets, change market information into cashflow

32935575The specialist of Russian business, Vostok Consulting Oy offers service MARKET POTENTIAL STUDY, which allow to have right basis for the Russian business decisions.

MARKET POTENTIAL STUDY provides the following business information:

  • Who are your potential customers or distribution channels or partners
  • What kind of expectations do your customers have as regards to your product / service
  • What size is the market potential in your business sector
  • Who are competitors in your business sector
  • Market dynamics / Are markets growing in the future

We are able to see from the research results, how much there is demand for your products and services and what kind of cash flow is possible.

As result of the Market Potential Study there is a specified Sales Lead Register, which allow management to allocate their limited salesman resources into the most potential customers, which will optimize the access to potential cash flow. The result information includes the name of the company, name of the director interviewed, their willingness to have partnership with your company, the timing of the partnership, financial and legal status and any other similar kind of information, which you have wanted to know about markets.

The delivery time for Market Potential Study is about five (5) weeks from the definition kick-off meeting till the study has accomplished.

The market information allow you to beat the markets, research your markets and get growth from Russia!

9655085The Areas for the Market Potential Study

1. Explore the background

We explore the background and the financial and legal status of your Russian customer or partner. We make tailor-made analyses and studies according to your needs. Our reports include the basic information, ownership and other legal information to clarify the legal status of your customer. We can investigate the financial background, which allow you to see the financial results, solvency and liquidity of your customers.

Disclaimer, Vostok Consulting is not responsible for the accuracy of the data from the authorities.

2. We get the right target groups for the study

We know, how to find target sales registers, find the market potential and get the access to them

The following is included into our services:

  • Target company registers
  • The research of the potential customers
  • We help to set-up sales meetings with the most potential customers
  • We can participate to these sales meetings

3. We do market potential studies

We have a long experience in doing market potential studies from many different market sectors with many different customers. We have worked in Russian business in many fields for long time and it is the long experience, which guarantees the maximum results from the market potential study – The definition of the parameters and the selection of target groups have to be right to get the real results to benefit customer!