Start increasing the scale of your business in Russia

31267716Do you want to grow your sales in Russia? Do you want to conquer new markets in various parts of Russia? We are specialized to search potential customers for your company. We search for potential customers, distribution channels and new market areas for your products and services. We help to investigate the market and competition situation from the chosen market areas. We help to clarify the real financial and legal situation of your potential customers.

The market potential study gives detailed information about the potential customers and their desires and potentiality. We can set-up the meetings with the most interested customers and if needed, we can be there with you to meet them. This guarantees, that your meetings are successful and you able to get a chance for getting a quick access to cash flow.

We organize market promotion for your products and services. We organize professional seminars and other similar events, we invite the potential target groups to those events. We have a lot of experience in setting-up promotion plans and how to organize customer events successfully.

We take part to the financial planning processes of our customers in various roles. We prepare business plans for stand-alone investment projects or we support your growing company to set-up their annual budgets. We help our customers to develop their financial planning processes. We help you, if you want to outsource your accounting and reporting – Our partners are ready to serve you reliably and good price-quality –ratio is guaranteed!

If you choose to increase the scale of your businesses by M&A, We help you by preparing the financial due diligence surveys about the target companies. If you want, we can study discretely the willingness of the current owners to sell their stakes from the potential companies.

The most important is to know your markets. We offer reliable market potential studies, which allow you to increase the scale of your businesses fast. Know your markets and get growth from Russian markets!