Vostok and AEB

AEBAssociation of European Businesses (AEB)

Association of European Businesses (AEB) was founded in 1995 and it is the biggest business association of foreign businesses in Russia. AEB works in direct coordination with the Delegation of the European Union in Russia and it possesses direct communication channels to the highest levels of Covernment of Russian Federation and to the administrations of the biggest regions in Russia.

AEB has 650 members, which create a great lobbying power to benefit all AEB members, whether it is a question of developing the legistlation of some business sectors or creating a platform for networking activities and more business.

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AEB Cooperation

Vostok Consulting Oy is an active member of Association of European Businesses. The reasons, why Vostok Consulting Oy is the member of AEB are as follows:

  • AEB is the most powerful foreign lobbying organization in Russia
  • AEB gives plenty of business information
  • AEB offers a lot of valuable networking possibilities.

Managing Director Timo Mikkonen has a commission of trust in AEB, he used to be the Chairman of AEB North-Western Regional Committee in 2012-2016. Currently Timo is member of the Steering Group of AEB NW Regional Committee.